Moving windows with keyboard shortcuts


I would like to use emacs-like keyboard shortcuts to move windows to eg.
top left corener of the screen. For example: I press Ctrl+Alt+z q and
window moves to top left.
I found this:

Here it states:

keybind (move_to_corner_nw, handle_move_to_corner_nw, 0,
        _("Move window to north-west (top left) corner"))

As I understand I need to define a custom keybinding in System
Settings-Keyboard-Shortcut keys. So I did. I set the name to "Move
window to north-west (top left) corner" and command to
"move_to_corner_nw". After clicking apply I set that keybinding to
Shift-q since I don't know how to add Ctrl+Alt+z q, but that is not
important atm.  So I'm off to test my new keybinding but I get an error
Error (move_to_corner_nw) trying to execute, that is bind to
key <Shift>q (I'm translating this from Estonian here, so that message
is not quite right).

So to sum it up. Is it possible to bind a key that moves a window to top
left corener in gnome-shell 3.2? I'm using Fedora 16 if that is


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