Re: How to get more info about crash? (GNOME Shell 3.2 very frequency crashing)

Or you can open your ~/.xsession-errors and/or type 'dmesg' in the terminal.

On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 11:13 AM, Sergey Zolotorev <sergey zolotorev gmail com> wrote:
Hello All,

After GNOME 3.0 was upgraded to 3.2 gnome-shell crashed every several
hours or minutes. It _always_ happened after I trying to display
overview screen or switching into other window via Alt+Tab.

It seems gnome-shell ate too much memory and crashed. Sometime it just
restarts but usually it just offer to logout. It consumes about 450 MB
of VM.

Is there some way to catch some more information about gnome-shell
crashing without gdb? Maybe there are some environment variables to
enable some logs etc? .xsession-errors contains "folks-WARNING **:
Error preparing persona store" and "Clutter-WARNING **: Unable to use
the ShaderEffect: the graphics hardware or the current GL driver does
not implement support..." (videocard is "82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics

Sergey Zolotorev
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