gnome windows focus behaviour: little usability inconsistency,

Hello everyone,

ive just subcribed to report this 'usability inconsistency' which i dont know if fits as a bug, so i thought on reporting here first. If i need to file a bug, please say so.

ive got my windows focus set to follow my mouse cursor (Sloppy mode). but when i bring the windows picker, even if the focus switches from windows, when i press the 'windows key' key the focus isnt following that window in particular.

i guess the expected behaviour is to bring the windows focused in the window picker up front. is this correct?

ways to reproduce:

set windows focus to sloppy.
start the windows picker with the window key.
use cursor to switch window
stop the windows picker with the window key.

the windows being brought focused is your previous focused window, instead of the first one.

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