Re: Shell-Extension: PutWindows

I just tried your extension and I found it extremely useful. Thanks a
lot for creating this, I hope you keep it up to date too :).

Also a small bug I noticed, when a window is tiled with the mouse (by
moving it to the edge), you can't move it with the keyboard.

Thanks a lot again,

On Mon, 2011-11-07 at 09:05 +0100, bleiburg wrote:
> With the new Gnome-Shell is great but I wanted to move and resize my
> windows using the keyboard (Like the "compiz put plugin" does). I
> created a small extension which takesover the keyevent of metacity
> "move_to_side n/e/s/w", "move_to_corner ne/se/sw/nw" and 
> "move_to_center" and does exactly that.
> The extension can be found at
> clemens lab21 org
> Maybe the extension is interesting for someone out there. Would be
> great to get some response :)
>  Clemens

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