Re: Execute a command from extension.

Do you have a .desktop file? If it's called "firefox-profile-manager.desktop", you can simply use:

  let appSystem = Shell.AppSystem.get_default();
  let app = appSystem.get_app('firefox-profile-manager');

If not, you can try:

  Util.spawn(['firefox', '-no-remote', '-profile-manager]);

On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 2:47 PM, xtranophilist aaa <xtranophilist gmail com> wrote:
How do I execute a command from the extension?
I mean what instruction should I write in extension.js like to execute
a command as an icon is created.

icon.connect('button-press-event', Lang.bind(this, function () {
// What should I be writing here like to execute "firefox -no-remote
           return true;

Thank you in advance!
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