Re: Gnome bugs for 3.0.2 Push

Hi Nohemi -

Welcome to SOC! Thanks a lot for doing this, it's very useful. I'll
comment on Mutter patches first since that's a smaller set.

- Owen

On Mon, 2011-05-23 at 12:06 -0500, Nohemi Fernandez wrote:

> Definitely Want to Have: 

gtk_window_set_opacity() seems not to work with mutter

gtk_window_set_opacity() isn't that commonly used, but it has been
dup'ed several times. I'll have to retest carefully if I merge this to
the branch, since it is sort of big.

leak in theme parser
 region-utils.c: Squash a memory leak

These are good candidates, yes.

Use correct GTK+ colors when the application prefers a dark variant 

This one is actually a really large set of changes implementing
a new feature, that we decided against doing for 3.0.0 because they were
too large and too invasive, even though the designers really wanted
the feature (dark window manager themes for dark borders.) So it isn't
a candidate for a 3.0.x update.

> Nice To Have:

This is a patch that was needed as a prerequisite for the gnome-shell (startup and gettext
stuff) which does a lot of cleanup, but doesn't have much impact on the
user. So, I don't consider it a candidate for 3.0.2.

Other stuff I'm probably going to cherry pick

Filter mirrored monitors from the monitors list

Without this patch, the shell becomes unusable in a confusing and
frustrating way if you pick "mirror displays" in
System Settings/Displays.

window: don't allow side-by-side tiling of non-maximizable windows

Somewhat marginal, but should be a very safe patch and fixes a
somewhat disturbing UI problem if you accidentally drag
dialog/utility windows to the edges of the screen.

- Owen

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