Re: "Open application window on a new workspace above" - feature or extension request

Am Freitag, den 13.05.2011, 10:48 +0200 schrieb Martin Seifert:

> What I would like to see is an (optional) feature or extension that
> allows me to open an application not on a new workspace at the end of
> all existing workspaces, but on a new workspace above the currently
> selected workspace. 

That looked to  be a good solution, but I am asking myself now if I
focused on the real problem. What would help a lot would be a
possibility to reorganize the workspace order instead, namely by
Drag&Drop as well as via keyboard.

I feel even more respect for developers now. It is very easy to think in
the wrong direction and very hard to keep something like a big picture
in mind. That is what you have to do when designing a comlete desktop
experience that aims to work out well for mouse and keyboard usage as
well as for touchscreens or even handicapped people with accesibility


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