Re: Gnome3/Gnome-shell Calendar backend


On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 12:57 PM, Giovanni Campagna
<scampa giovanni gmail com> wrote:
> I thought it would be removed when e-d-s
> supported async calls.

Btw, the problem with the e-d-s libraries is bigger than the fact that
the library isn't async or thread-safe. The whole API is just way too
complicated for what the shell needs ... and, I guess, even for what
Evolution itself needs - according to what Matt Barnes told me on IRC
anyway - he wants to redo the e-d-s libraries.

Of course in a perfect world, we'd have nice e-d-s libraries and we'd
use that from the shell and we wouldn't need support for non-evolution
calendar servers (because we'd all be using Evolution) but.... that's
just not how reality is.. at least not right now.


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