Re: Why are windows placed in columns?

Am Freitag, den 18.03.2011, 20:42 +0100 schrieb Florian Kuhnt: 
> 1) Narrow Windows consume too much space.
> In the top-right workspace the narrow bottom-right window consumes more
> space than necessary. 
> 2) Windows' relative size is not recognizable.
> In the top-right workspace the bottom-left window seems to have the same
> size like the two other similar looking windows - but, in fact, is much
> smaller (see titlebar).
> 3) Grid makes Windows' positions less informative.
> This is best seen if you place a window on the bottom-left and another
> one on the top-right of a workspace (maybe overlapping) and compare the
> patched behaviour with the currently implemented.

Further ideas:

a) The NaturalWindowLayout could also be used as workspace thumbnails.
Thumbnails wouldn't change when changing window focus and the "image" of
the layout is maybe more charistic than the content of the windows (at
least for terminal windows ;-))

b) Influence program launch position.
When launching a program by dragging it into the active workspace area
the program window could be placed at approximately that relative
position at the desktop. Afterwards it's likely that the window will
appear at about the dragged position on the overview. (Example: two
windows at top-left and bottom-right -> Decide by drag if the third
window is placed at top-right or bottom-left)

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