GNOME Shell 3.0.2 & Tweak Tool 3.0.5 -- notes on observed bugs

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Hi all,

When using the aforementioned combination, the following features either
do not function or require workarounds:

* Shell
  - Arrangement of buttons on the titlebar:
    requires restarting gnome-shell before it takes effect.

* Windows
  - Current theme:
    requires restarting gnome-shell before it takes effect.

In both cases, it looks like the relevant GConf keys are not dynamically

* Restart mechanism
  - After restart, existing connections to the user's DBus daemon become
    stale, but at the moment Gnome Tweak Tool does not renew them
  - Restarting Gnome Shell twice in close succession triggers the
    "Oops! Something has gone wrong" dialog, after which the only
    possible action is logging out.

    Is there a mechanism for safely restarting Gnome Shell that
    does not trigger this, if the restart is intended and not due to
    a crash?

  - If the shell and windows issues are not getting fixed in
    gnome-shell, the code for restarting Gnome Shell should probably be
    refactored (e.g. moving it to so all of
    tweak_shell_extensions, tweak_shell and tweak_windows can share it

I'll file the relevant bug reports (if they're not previously filed),
but would like to bring this up in one place first, since these are
related issues that affect multiple components.


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