Sorry, but Gnome Shell is like hemorrhoids.

If one has it, one wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. 

I spent two days configuring this crap so that I could work with it (more or less). But it is always standing in Your way no matter what you want to do instead of making things easy.

I am a developer and heavy user of Linux for 15 years and it is at home and in office the only OS on my PC. The moment of return to Gnome 2 was an explosion of joy and relief.

Even distros like Sabayon now decide to go back to Gnome 2. It is like the Soviet Union: the inventors made something they thought is good for the people, but the people just simply do run away from it. Linux should not be like a dictatorship, where some folks decide what they think is right for the people and the people have to obey.

If Gnome were a commercial company with the possibility to bankrupt, they would have thrown it quickly into the trash. 

I really hope that Gnome Shell will soon be where Windows ME and Vista are rotting for a long time already.

Sorry for the rude tone, but I'm extremely upset.


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