Re: Extensions Infrastructure Work

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 10:55 PM, ecyrbe <ecyrbe gmail com> wrote:
> Thank you for the details. I do like what you are doing, just another bunch
> of questions :
> - is (validity-check) going to be added to prevent the shell from aborting?

(validity-check) is an idea that Company had. I have no idea if it's
feasible, it's there as an idea to increase API stability.

> if so, do you need help to make patches to gnome-shell libraries
> depedencies, and gjs as this seems to be a big review work?
> - shemas installation requires root priviledges (last time i checked), is
> policikit going to be used for installing extensions?

I assume that will
be fixed instead.

> - are the extensions going to be installed system wide or only per user
> account?

Extensions installed via SweetTooth-WWW will be per-user.


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