Please Help - How to change some behavior

Dear Gnome-Shell People,

I would like to know

1 - How to change the position of Left Bar, its very important to me, because I can see only with the right eye. 

2 - How to access the Access Bar without resizing  others windows and enter in window selection. The resizing effect, are very stressful, for my impaired vision. 

3 - Has one way to return the keyboard settings to be in keyboard configuration? Its very complicated to change with this WindowsXP  like way in Gnome3. Here in Brasil, its common we have two keyboard layouts, since some Laptops come with US layout and many time people use another keyboard (ABNT2). I had many users using Gnome2, and will be very unpleasant  to explain that keyboard setting its not in the keyboard.

4 - While searching for keyboard, I take a long time to know, that I need to click in "all ..." , to access other settings. This is very obscure,
although the one window settings could be ajusted. i will try make a mockup to what I think that could be better. Perhaps, one evolution from the Gnome2 control panel, will be better that the current one. Like using  bar access in  one window. is it possible, make a extension to change this?



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