Re: Workspaces off the grid

Now I'm finding that I'm constantly defining spaces rather than just
using them.  What's worse I'm constantly scanning all of the spaces
looking for applications, because muscle memory doesn't work any more
because there's no spatial point of reference.


 Is there a keyboard short cut or an overview system I'm supposed to
 use navigate running applications quickly?

 Yes... Off hand, I would begin here:
On Fedora, I found a list of shortcuts from system settings from this link
 Specifically,  User > System Settings >  Keyboard > Shortcuts

There doesn't seem to be anything new here that helps me organize
applications.  There are just a few variations of alt-tab style
switchers.  I still have to scroll through every running application
with alt-tab or control-alt-up/down to find anything.  How do I
quickly go to a running application without scanning through all
running applications?

Sounds like an accurate assessment. You can certainly scroll through the workspaces, but you cannot assume that they will be in any particular location unless you create them in a particular order (or so it seems).

I am still out as to whether I love or hate Gnome 3. It seems that you need to make a serious investment in relearning how to work to
receive benefits. In other words, your old way of working will not
function here. For a casual user that does not make heavy use of
the UI intricacies, I doubt if it will make a difference.

I'm still struggling to understand the benefits I'm supposed to get
from this new system.  I only had to create workspaces once in the
previous system.  I never had to think about creating them, because
I used the ones I already had.  I knew where everything was, because
it stayed where I put it.

If a workspace isn't a place any more, what is it?  I need a new
mental image.  What has the desktop been replaced with?


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