Re: Gnome 3 Extensions/Themes Website?

I understand the need for a strong brand for Gnome3, but you also have to understand why people install Gnome3 or any other open-source DE: Freedom.

Now your argument "seems" to want to take freedom away from users for branding purposes; which makes gnome3 look like a product you're trying to sell, where gnome2 won me (and corporate users) on merit alone.

Extension are not about changing the gnome UX. they are about taking control, which is what FOSS is about. You can only expect knee-jerk reactions from people who have taken the FOSS philosophy at heart.

I expect major distros like Redhat or Suse to "brand" their DE somehow. It's natural, and they have to respond to the requests of their users. Until a GNOME distro appears, I believe the designers should not really worry about hindering anybody, but concentrate on acheiving the best UI they can. In the same vein, they should not worry about making it easy(ier) for third-parties to add extensions either. Changing OSS software comes with some responsibilities that the changers should carry.

As far as I have seen, most extensions solve specific issues for those who find them relevant, be it cosmetic (slimmer bar) or work-flow oriented (workspaces). Distros should make sure to make this is clearly stated, and avoid bunching extensions.

I think it's a good thing that whatever one finds not to one's taste, one can change, EVEN IF IT GOES AGAINST THE DEV PLAN. If it catches, then it answers a real need, and can be assessed later on; if it doesn't catch, then it doesn't matter anyway.

I like Gnome, for my own reasons, not because I've read and adhered to the Gnome Grand Design. If I can adjust the way it works to fit ME as a person even more, I will; and I don't expect the gnome devs to make it a law. That's the strength I find in extensions/themes. Marketing them should not be Gnome's job, but the distros/packagers. Up to them to find the best way to make them discoverarble, but in no way should it be Gnome's duty.

Sorry for the long-winded post.

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