Half-maximization of windows

Hi list,

in gnome-shell there is a cool feature that half-maximizes a window when
you stick it to the edge of the screen. Removing it from the edge then
gives it its original size back.

Now, there is a problem with this feature: there doesn't seem to be any
way for applications to know that they have been half-maximized, or is
there? This is important because applications should not remember their
window size when maximized or half-maximized so that it is possible to
go back to the last un-maximized size. Also, it is useful for the app to
know that it's half-maximized when you close it so that it can start
half-maximized the next time you launch it.

Is it a bug in GTK, missing the is_half_maximized method() /
half-maximize_window() from the Window class? Or is it a bug in
individual applications, not doing things correctly?

PS: if I'm not being very clear, try the following:
 - open gedit
 - stick it on an edge to half-maximize it
 - close it
 - open gedit again: it seems half-maximized, but looking at the rounded
top-right corner, you can see that it is not.
 - move its window away from the edge -> the window stays at the same
size instead of going back to the last un-maximized size.

PPS: yes, there is a bug for that:

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