Re: Gnome 3 Extensions/Themes Website?

On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 12:47 PM, Sven K <intelligenzfluechtling gmail com> wrote:

First of all:
I'm using Gnome 3 on Archlinux and I really like it! Thanks to everyone involved in the Gnome(-Shell) development for this great software. :)

I also like that new functionality can be added easily in Gnome-Shell using _javascript_ and the Extensions-Feature. I know there is a git repository for extensions (, but I prefere sites like to get more infos about new extensions. Gnome 3 seems to be designed to be also usable for unexperienced users/"non-geeks" so I wonder if there will be a website for extensions (like for Firefox: or Chrome: ) with screenshots, descriptions, installation notes or a comment-function etc. in the future...
In my opinion, extensions are a great way to interest more people for the gnome desktop and on the other side also a good starting point for developers, so I think a website - e.g. in the style of - would be cool.

Are there any plans for something like this? (Or maybe a "showcase"- / "webstore"-area in gnome-tweak-tool?)

Yes. I'll provide more details when I have something usable, but this is precisely what I'm working on at the moment.
Greetings from Germany,

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