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The Application menu hasn't really gotten the attention it deserves, so I'd say open a bug with a patch. I see no reason it can't be in there.

2011/6/5 Erick Pérez <erick red gmail com>
After doing some not very hard search, I got one question, Why the
appliction menu can't have the "New Window" Item as I does the app
icon in the overview, I found is so much easier to click there to open
a new window, than having to go all the way to the top-left, and then
back to the dash.

Anyway, I wrote a patch for ui/panel.js for doing that showing "New
Window" item, and "Add/Remove from Favorites", but I don't know If
send it as a bug, or publish it as an extension.
Cause if that was a design decision, it shouldn't be a patch.

So, what's the status of this.


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