Re: Performance with Sandy Bridge video card

On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 12:35, Alessandro Crismani
<alessandro crismani gmail com> wrote:
> However, I still have tearing when watching movies and I still have
> visual artefacts (they are highly visible by hovering and unhovering the
> workspace selector in the overview). Furthermore, both with 2.6.39 and
> 3.0-rc1 from mainline, the shell sometimes doesn't perform
> well. In particular, the hot corner doesn't always react, when I select
> windows in the overview I have an horrible lag before leaving the
> overview, dragging applications from the dash to the workspace lags as
> well and I experience a delay between clicking a button on the panel and
> seeing its pop-up menu.

A month ago, I asked one of the Intel devs (airlied or ajax) and he
told me that SND (Sandy Bridge) is still very much a work in progress
and these bugs are known to the team. I didn't go CC the bugs on at that point, but you could if you
wanted to track them.

It's annoying but I just use the keyboard as much as possible to work
around it while I wait patiently for the fix.

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