Re: [Extension] CPU Temperature - Shows CPU Temperature on Gnome Shell Panel

Il giorno mer, 01/06/2011 alle 17.19 +0545, xtranophilist aaa ha
> I am learning to create gnome shell extensions, and just finished
> creating this extension for gnome shell:
> Took help from many other extensions.
> I am not sure whether it works fine on other systems, but did work
> fine on my F15.
> I would love feedbacks. :)

It works on my system (another F15) as well, but I don't think it
reliable to use sysfs paths. It could break with different kernel
versions, bios versions, acpi configurations, etc.
What you need is a portable library (upower? libgtop? something entirely
new?) providing that information, possibly developed along with the


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