Application categories

So, in addition to the window controls, the other tiny code change with a large controversial impact that is sitting around as we come to the GNOME 3 UI freeze is the question of the category filters the Application browser.

The designer request is to remove categories, and the obvious advantage of removing categories is that we fit more application icons on the screen at once because we no longer have the categories taking up screen space.

But I'm skeptical that we can get the number of applications for the average GNOME 3.0 down to the point where we don't have a scrollbar and instant recognition is possible. And when you aren't in that regime, having more space for the icons just means that you have a more intimidating sea of icons.

With the current number of applications that our users will have, categories are an effective tool for finding many applications... an effective way of cutting down from more than you can instant recognize in to a number you can instant recognize in. So, we're going to stick with application categories for now. If in the future we are more effectively managing the set of applications that are pre-installed, then we can consider dropping predefined categories. 

- Owen

(We do need to remove some of the excess horizontal space in the application browser - there's considerably more than is necessary and I think we could fit an extra icon horizontally at many resolutions.)

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