Re: How do I watch a file for changes using JS/Gnome Shell? [SOLVED]

Hi all,

with the help of Giovanni I succeeded in writing an extension with file monitoring.

In the following some parts of my code:


TestMonitor.prototype = {
    __proto__: PanelMenu.SystemStatusButton.prototype,

    _init: function() {
        let FILE_TO_MONITOR = '/path/of/file/to/monitoring';

        let file = Gio.file_new_for_path(FILE_TO_MONITOR);
        this._monitor = file.monitor(Gio.FileMonitorFlags.NONE, null);
        this._monitor.connect('changed', Lang.bind(this, this._onChanged));

    _onChanged : function () {
        global.log("Something has happened!");

Thanks to all,


On 12/21/2011 11:28 AM, Giovanni Campagna wrote:
Il giorno mer, 21/12/2011 alle 11.25 +0100, Stefano Ciancio ha scritto:
I am testing with success GFileMonitor with python, but I have some
difficult with javascript.

Have you some example or link from which start?
No real world example, but should be as easy as
file = Gio.file_new_for_uri(uri)
monitor = file.monitor(Gio.FileMonitorFlags.NONE, cancellable);
monitor.connect('changed', function() {
	print("Something has happened!");



On 12/21/2011 11:15 AM, Giovanni Campagna wrote:
Il giorno mer, 21/12/2011 alle 08.51 +0100, Stefano Ciancio ha scritto:
Hi all,

i have a configuration file written by a little python interface. I want
to watch for changes of config file in gnome shell extension.
Each time a change occurs I'd like to reload new data in my extension.

What's the best way to do this?
GFileMonitor (Gio.FileMonitor) it's what you're looking for. See the
docs in devhelp or online at


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