Re: Adding a St.Entry to a PopupMenu

Il giorno sab, 17/12/2011 alle 13.03 -0500, David Collins ha scritto:
> I bumped into something like this. I ended up disabling events to
> handle it: Like this: 
> this._promptMenuItem.disconnect(this._promptMenuItem._activateId);
> this._promptMenuItem.disconnect(this._promptMenuItem._activeChangeId);
> this._promptMenuItem.disconnect(this._promptMenuItem._sensitiveChangeId); 
> here _promptMenuItem is a menu item with an St.Entry in it. 
> Hope this helps. I'll be following this to see what people who are
> more knowledgeable than me recommend. 
> Dave 

That works, thanks very much! I'd still like to hear something more
"ethical" from experts. Furthermore, I still have issues where
unhovering un-select the St.Entry, while, for example, unhovering the
search entry in the overview doesn't remove the focus from it.

Anybody on this?


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