Re: Extension security?

17.12.2011 13:42, Olav Vitters kirjoitti:
This is not what you initially suggested. What I commented on is that a
signature by itself on the website does not add much extra security.
> What you're proposing now is something totally different than just a
> signature.

It was clear already in the first post by J. Wilkes that this thread was about a key kept on a non-public system.

But it seems this was discussed previously, and Gnome shell authors
decided not to do it this way (why?).

Because practically speaking it is a lot of hard work. Now suddenly
there has to be an entire infrastructure around handling signatures to
trust, revoking, authorizing, etc.

If you want to know why, suggest to read the archives. Search for
messages by Owen Taylor. My memory is too vague and why ask if you can
find the exact answers...

Apparently around here:

Pauli Virtanen

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