Flicker display while changing resolution

Hi there, I found a weird thing about changing screen resolution. When I use xrandr to change my laptop resolution like "xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1440x900", the screen becomes blank, then flicker (less than 1 sec, but eyes can capture this), and then resumes with right resolution setting. But if I do the same procedure on the other computer, no flicker display shows. My laptop uses AMD/ATI video chip but the other computer uses Intel one. Even though this is a minor issue, I tried to fix it. For this issue, I make some tests. If xserver runs without any other window managers, resolution changing is fine and no flicker display shows. But if xserver runs with gnome-shell, flicker display shows while changing resolution. Furthermore, if xserver runs with mutter, flicker display still shows. So I thought maybe there is something wrong with mutter to handle resolution-change event. Now my problem is I have no idea to get start with. Could anyone give me some hints to go through? Thanks

Best Regards,

Bruce Tsai

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