Connecting bluetooth headphones

Hi everybody,

I've just bought a pair of bluetooth enabled headphones, the Creative
WP-300. I've got no problem pairing them with my laptop using the
bluetooth module of gnome-control-center, however I am having kind of
troubles trying to connect them when I get to work every day.

More particularly, after pairing, I have a "Creative WP-300 Headphones"
menu item in the bluetooth menu of the shell panel. If i click on that
there is a "connected" switch (this is translated from the Italian
"collegato", don't know it's exact naming). Now, no matter what I do
with that switch, the headphones don't get connected. However, if I open
gnome-control-center, go to the bluetooth section, select the headphones
and then click the "connect" switch there ("connessione" in Italian) the
headphones get connected. Am I missing something or is this the intended
way to connect bluetooth devices? I was expecting to be able to connect
the headphones from the shell panel menu. If any log may help just ask
me and I'll provide them :)

Off-Topic, but maybe someone knows: how can I set pulseaudio to
automatically use the headphones and control their volume when they are
connected and use the internal audio card output/volume otherwise?


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