Re: Open with Files?

Le jeudi 08 décembre 2011 à 13:01 +0100, Florian Müllner a écrit :
> On jue, 2011-12-08 at 12:56 +0100, Onyeibo Oku wrote:
> > >> I don't know.
> > >> Should I file a bug on that one too?
> > > Yes.
> > 
> > Which component owns this bug ... Gnome-shell likely
> No. "Files" is the name field from the .desktop file of the default
> application for the mime type "inode/directory". So if you disagree with
> the name in nautilus' .desktop file, you can file a bug with nautilus.
When I said a bug report was needed, I thought about special-casing
Nautilus in the Shell so that instead of the name from the .desktop
file, something like "Open folder" is shown. I don't think the name
"Files" for Nautilus is wrong per se, just that in this case it doesn't
make much sense.

Anyway, I'd say the bug report should be against the Shell, where we can
discuss the intended design, which in turn will decide what component
should be fixed.


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