Re: Gnome 3.2 freezes, then goes 100% CPU

Installing Nvidia driver indeed did the trick: no more freeze of Gnome Shell.

Thanks for your help


Le 05/12/2011 14:34, Rui Tiago Cação Matos a écrit :
On 5 December 2011 13:25,<thiebault artenum com>  wrote:
I just unplugged the external monitor attached to my laptop and the problem seems to be gone (to be confirmed with time).

Should I use nvidia proprietary driver rather than the open source one?
Yeah, this sometimes happens with nouveau, especially with larger
framebuffers such as what you get with multiple monitors. Sometimes
you see nouveau complaining a lot in the dmesg output. Anyway the
nouveau developers are aware of these issues but I'm told they are
complex to solve and might take a while.

The nvidia blob might work better for you, but it has other problems
like missing to implement the latest xrandr APIs.


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