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Le lundi 21 novembre 2011 à 20:16 -0500, Daniel Falk a écrit :
> When I click the nautilus icon on the dash when there's another
> nautilus running on another workspace, it switches to that other
> workspace. This is a useful behavior when this is what you intend to
> do.
> Unfortunately, it can also be jarring and disorienting when it's not.
>  Has anyone else experienced this?  I wish there were a better way of
> handling it.
> Normally what I want to do is start up a new window for programs such
> as nautilus, the terminal, or my web browser if there's no window on
> the current workspace, otherwise switch to the window on the current
> workspace. I know you can ctrl-click of course, but you have to decide
> whether to ctrl-click or just click, and that basically involves
> determining not only whether it's running, but also whether it's
> running on the current workspace.  It's just not very efficient to
> have to pause to make this decision, and wipes out the convenience
> gained from offering one's favorite icons on the dash in a spatial
> fashion.
> I'm eager to get everybody's thoughts on this problem and whether
> there's a way to improve this behavior.

Actually, I feel the exact same thing about this. I even submitted two
bug reports about it here:

Hi all, I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this! Every time I want to open an new instance I have this, I click on the icon in the dash and it just switches to the currently running version, then I have to go back and start again. I never use the dash to switch between apps, I use the Activities overview, it is much quicker and user friendly IMO. I understand the original intent was to react like MacOS X does, but their Dash is always visible so it makes sense for them, but our Dash isn't and once the Activities overview is activated there no longer is a need to click on the icon in the Dash since the wanted window/app is in the overview.

I also believe that either an option should be added to disable this (and clicking on the icon will always launch a new instance) or that it should be removed altogether.



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