Re: Gnome 3 and the Natty narwhal


2011/4/29 Benoît Thiébault <thiebault artenum com>:
> Hi everyone,
> I just finished upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04 and I installed Gnome 3 as
> explained here :
> I have a few problems:
> - The most disturbing one is the window theme that is really ugly and
> does not look at all like the one on screenshots (cf.
> attached screen capture)

The question should go to the team making the packages, not to the
gnome-shell list I guess. Anyway, you should install the theme
package: gnome-themes or gnome-themes-standard if memory serves well

> - It seems that the "Desktop" does not show the files in
> the /home/mylogin/Desktop directory. Is this a bug or a feature? How can
> I quickly access those files?

As far as I know, gnome-shell does not use nautilus (the file manager)
to draw the desktop anymore, so it is a feature. The desktop folder is
thus pretty useless now, you have to open nautilus to see its content.


Aurélien Naldi

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