Re: Modeless dialogs in the shell (design and implementation)


>> It is even more evident for bluetooth: in a public place I may be
>> contacted for many (malicious) paring requests, and I wouldn't like to
>> be even more annoyed by a modal dialog I cannot dismiss.
> Interesting, I've never experienced that.  But anyway I don't think
> this is an example of something that we ever expected to be modal.  On
> the contrary, we have been moving things that aren't directly
> initiated by the user into the periphery.  A "request" from a third
> party isn't that different from a request from an application for
> attention from the user.  We want to empower the user to be in control
> of these types of potential distractions.  These situations are
> significantly different from ones where the user instructs the system
> to perform a task and more information is needed.  The bluetooth
> pairing request is probably better handed by the Message Tray.

The bluetooth pairing dialog was on the SystemDialogs whiteboard page
referenced in Giovanni's original mail.  I don't know the history
there, but I've removed it now with a link to this thread.


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