Re: F13 problems...

Il giorno gio, 16/09/2010 alle 18.19 +0200, Stjepan Gros ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I just wanted to try gnomeshell because I'm quite frustrated with the
> way current desktop works. But, the directions given on the Web site on
> how to install gnomeshell in F13 fail. This is the message from yum
> after running 'yum update':


I don't know the particular error given, but since a lot has changed
from GNOME 2.30, I would not mess with system libraries and system
folders, instead the best option (although longer) is to set up jhbuild.

You can use the gnome-shell provided configuration and moduleset:
download and run then invoke jhbuild.

Then you'll run gnome-shell from an existing session with "jhbuild run
gnome-shell --replace".

> Stjepan
> P.S. Please keep me in CC because I'm not subscriber...
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