GNOME Shell 2.31.2 released

GNOME Shell 2.31.2 is now available at:
cf16167cf2354f57431125b38a7b3de424c3c9d3d44627c52ee4596694ee80f2 gnome-shell-2.31.2.tar.bz2
65997e94f02ebb6ef912e68abf3470b235ecee3de0fe10fddbfab0a7be911664 gnome-shell-2.31.2.tar.gz

Note: This is the last release of GNOME that will build against 
 GNOME 2.30; future releases will depend on GNOME 2.31
 development versions of libraries.

About GNOME Shell

GNOME Shell provides core user interface functions for the GNOME 3
desktop, like switching to windows and launching applications. 
GNOME Shell takes advantage of the capabilities of modern graphics
hardware and introduces innovative user interface concepts to 
provide a visually attractive and easy to use experience.

This is still an early version of GNOME Shell and should not be
taken of indicative of the final user interface or performance.

Tarball releases are provided largely for distributions to build
packages. If you are interested in building GNOME Shell from source,
we would recommend building from version control using the build
script described at:

Not only will that give you the very latest version of this rapidly
changing project, it will be much easier than get GNOME Shell and
its dependencies to build from tarballs.

Changes since 2.29.1
* Add a magnifier to the shell; this is mostly meant for accessibility,
  but also will be useful for general use. See
  for a pygtk test app to enable the magnifier; eventually it will be
  controlled from the GNOME control center. (Joseph)
* Make the clock configurable via GConf and add a simple preferences
  dialog (gnome-shell-clock-preferences). (Florian)
* Message tray:
  - Support inline chatting in IM notifications; IM notifications now
    use Telepathy, rather than the generic notification protocol. (Dan)
  - Display urgent notifications first and fully expanded (Dan)
  - Pop out last notification when mousing over summary area (Dan)
  - Don't time out the tray if the user is mousing towards it (Dan)
* Shell performance framework (Owen)
  - Add a performance event log that tracks events (such as frame paints),
    and statistics such as malloc'ed memory.
  - Javascript "performance scripts" drive the shell and then extract
    "metrics" such as the frame rate when zooming to the overview.
  - Recorded performance data can be uploaded to
* Add an initial application menu in the top panel; currently just
  has a Quit option. (Colin)
* User interface enhancements
  - Allow using the middle mouse button to open an instance of an
    application on a new workspace (Christina)
  - Restyle user status menu to match application menu, rather than
    being an out-of-place GTK+ menu. (Colin)
  - Add keyboard navigation of menus (Dan)
  - Raise all windows for an application when alt-Tabbing to it or
    clicking on it in the app well (Colin)
  - Restore click-and-hold menus for app-well icons (Florian)
  - Fade in windows on map rather than scaling them in (Adel)
  - Remove icon and menu from window titlebar (Owen)
  - In linear view, activate the drop-target workspace (Florian)
  - When dragging on linear workspace view, detect when the user *didn't*
    mean to "throw" to the next workspace (Adel)
  - Always hide the info (e.g. undo) bar after a short timeout (Marina)
  - Provide the feedback in the info bar when it is not possible
    to create new workspace or remove the current workspace. (Marina)
  - Visual tweaks (Colin, Christian, Dan, Discardi, Florian)
* Run dialog:
  - Don't add duplicates to the history (Adel)
  - Accept Enter (keypad) key in addition to Return. (Siegfried)
* Remove the sidebar; it's not the direction we want to go for
  "gizmos", and the unfinished version was showing up in too many
* Shell Toolkit
  - Add methods to add/remove individual names from style class (Dan)
  - Add hover tracking to StWidget (Dan)
  - Refactor drawing from StWidget to StThemeNode (Colin)
  - Add support for "spread radius" to shadows (Florian)
  - Shadow all background/border elements, not just the background image (Florian)
  - Add a StContainer base class with common container functionality (Florian)
  - Add a StGroup container to mix fixed positioning with CSS (Florian)
* Looking Glass (Colin)
  - Add window list
  - Replace properties tab with a properties popup
* GTK+ 3 compat: Build properly against GTK+ with -DGSEAL_ENABLE (Florian)
* Call JS_MaybeGC at idle, hopefully reducing GC pauses (Adel)
* Move user files to XDG_DATA_HOME, rather than ~/.gnome2 (Florian)
* Remove libbig, rewriting remaining code to use ST instead (Dan)
* Pick up system settings for font rendering (Florian)
* Support application identification by startup notification properties (Colin)
* Many bug fixes for full-screen window handling (Adel)
* Improve identification of primary monitor for multihead (Adel)
* Prefer eject over unmount for the eject button in places (Florian)
* Fix many bugs with using the wrong functions to get event state,
  then block the wrong functions once and for all (Dan)
* Bug fixes (Adel, Colin, Dan, Florian, Maxim, Owen, Siegfried)
* Build fixes (Adel, Colin, Dan, Owen, Rico, Sander)
* Code cleanups (Adel, Colin, Dan, Florian, Marina)

  Christina Boumpouka, Sander Dijkhuis, Maxim Ermilov, Adel Gadllah,
  Frédéric Péters, Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals, Florian Müllner,
  Discardi Nicola, Joseph Scheuhammer, Christian Schramm, Rico Tzschichholz,
  Colin Walters, Dan Winship

  Khaled Hosny (ar), Petr Kovar (cz), Mario Blättermann (de), Jorge González (es),
  Claude Paroz, Bruno Brouard (fr), Francisco Diéguez (gl), Kostas Papadimas (gr),
  Gabor Kelemen (hu), Milo Casagrande (it), Kjartan Maraas (nb), Sander Dijkhuis (nl),
  A S Alam (pa), Felipe Borges (pt_BR), Matej Urbančič (sl), Miloš Popović (sr),
  Maxim V. Dziumanenko (uk)

Fixed bugs:
 584651 - top panel should act like a menubar
 590429 - implement active application area
 591390 - remove icon and menu from titlebar
 591645 - Opening an application on a new workspace
 592640 - long application titles for "non-tracked" apps are not truncated
 595507 - Add magnification functionality.
 597983 - [AppSwitcher] Prevent thumbnail box from being partly offscreen
 599713 - follow system font hinting style
 604326 - crash when doing certain operations (such as closing windows)
 604943 - St.Widget should add_style and remove_style helper methods. [...]
 604978 - Improve run dialog
 608647 - picks the wrong monitor to start on
 608995 - [recorder] Make parameters configureable
 608999 - reimplement chat in terms of telepathy
 609013 - click-hold on app icons not working
 609015 - changes for "more apps" view
 609218 - drag and drop from places in the activities overview
 609802 - right clicking an application icon leaves a frame around it in overview mode
 610071 - it is frustrating when mousing down to banner notification and it goes away
 610191 - Animate workspace view switches
 610385 - Places unmount icon position
 610393 - apply same style on hover for places and app
 610670 - [MessageTray] Support reactive notification actors
 610726 - Message Tray: Summary on Hover
 610801 - [Overview] Use one button to toggle between single and grid view
 610872 - Change height of more apps view
 610892 - [Overview] Switch workspace when dragging the desktop
 611609 - chat scrollback
 611610 - interaction with empathy
 611612 - urgent notifications should pre-expand
 611613 - get presence notifications from telepathy
 611660 - Screencast extention should be ogv
 611754 - window box and application box on different monitors
 612072 - Rhythmbox notifications getting bigger and bigger
 612200 - No feedback when "unmount" operation fails
 612635 - Alt-F2 -support arrow-up to recall previous commands
 612651 - Add connect and disconnect functions for appSwitcher[...]
 612833 - Patches to consume new startup-notification changes
 612967 - Random crash in gjs_invoke_c_function
 613101 - [main] Use Meta.Display.lookup_keyboard_action to enable workspace switches
 613164 - Please add a --version command line option
 613195 - altTab.js continued CSSification
 613367 - Drag and drop of windows misbehaves
 613405 - Ejecting drives does not run the same action as Nautilus
 613428 - Crash with signal 11
 613456 - animate scrollbar in single view mode
 613536 - [Overview] Postpone window repositioning while zooming
 613731 - [runDialog] Don't add duplicates to the history
 613749 - Werror flag makes trouble(s) for old gcc
 613804 - panel application menu
 613832 - Improve support for CSS shadows
 613944 - alt tab switcher icons vanish on dual screen setup
 613964 - StScrollView: fix scrollbar allocation when one axis is GTK_POLICY_NEVER
 614047 - StBoxLayout: remove an incorrect drawing optimization
 614144 - placesDisplay: Prevent bookmarks from being cut off
 614293 - [ShellGenericContainer] Missing calls to st_theme_node_adjust_preferred_width/height
 614362 - Remove sidebar
 614516 - un-embiggen gnome-shell
 614660 - [StThemeNode] Squash epic memory leak
 614702 - Notification font hinting is off
 614725 - Call JS_MaybeGC when idle
 614755 - Major ShellApp API cleanup, startup notification, window focus handling
 614905 - Fix Clutter warnings
 614972 - IRC activity from empathy floods notifications
 614974 - avatars not being loaded right away sometimes
 614975 - update conversations in expanded view
 614978 - conversation disappeared from the message tray
 615004 - when typing in chat expanded view the box grows down
 615590 - Remove a stray bit of user data
 615592 - Adapt to new Mutter plugin initialization method
 615621 - Missing files in EXTRA_DIST which brakes "make dist"
 616051 - Make alt-tab more app-based
 616574 - crash at shell-app-system.c:655
 616706 - Make getting the environment from gnome-session more robust
 616951 - Fix panel icon overdraw
 617555 - match XDG freedesktop directories specification
 617785 - linear view: should follow dropped windows
 617959 - [altTab] Allow selection of individual windows
 618062 - linearView: Cancel workspace scrolling when the user stops dragging
 618104 - calendar: Fix day headers being elipizied
 618189 - Framework for performance measurement
 618258 - Use accessor functions instead of direct access
 618295 - banner not fully shown (and too wide) on long message
 618371 - [plugin] Create ShellGlobal later to avoid connecting to X during build
 618378 - [ShellApp] Rework compare to take into account closed windows
 618438 - Remove icons from action items in the status menu
 618460 - menu design improvements
 618482 - [StThemeNode] Don't treat min-width and min-height as a fixed size
 618793 - inconsistent spacing in panel labels
 618915 - magnifier: use global.get_pointer instead of gdk_window_get_pointer
 618918 - Add a hack to mark functions deprecated
 619008 - make PanelMenu keyboard-navigable
 619044 - Notifications from telepathy don't appear
 619113 - [panel] fix nested-queue_relayout warning in menus
 619144 - Clock too high
 619276 - Missing reference for scripting.js
 619580 - Do not fail if json Python module is not available
 619623 - [StTable] Align children to integral positions

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