Re: Gnome-shell - some usability problems I found

On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 12:44 AM, Allan E. Registos <allan registos smpc steniel com ph> wrote:
On the other hand, when I am searching for an app that I'm unfamiliar with I use either the keyboard shortcut or I roll over the icons.  I don't think that's any worse than what we have.

When we are unfamiliar with an app, we can't search it by typing since after all, unfamiliarity mostly is equal to "I don't know the name of the app" so hovering over the icons is the solution with the current build.  Therefore, as I said, it is still difficult, since unfamiliarity leads also to "i don't know the icon of the app" until the icons can be categorized into something that we can easily distinguish which ones are new(newly installed apps), the internet/cloud apps, etc. At least in the ancient Windows XP, the user will get the notification when there is a new app installed and the entry is being highlighted. Still the Applications > Places > System is still superior in my taste. 
I understand that this is not yet final, and I am hoping that the APPLICATION menu can be improved in the coming months. 

Yeah, I wanted something like that even for the panel menus.  I think someone had come up with an idea where a newly installed application would have its icon as black&white and then turn color after you click on it for the first time.  I'm not sure how you would implement a scheme like that.

As I type this email, the chat notification pops up and it is pretty impressive since I can type my reply directly into it, though there are still rooms for improvement in the design.

I'm not big on the notifications.  I miss most of them because I'm not used to having them at the bottom.  I like the mac method better.  I think it is because I never look at the bottom edge of my screen anymore.  Maybe the animation is not as eye catching.. I don't know.  But it doesn't matter to me, I'm sure there will be other ways to alert me of something, if not shell then perhaps docky would have something.


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