Re: Gnome-shell - some usability problems I found

On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 8:43 PM, Allan E. Registos <allan registos smpc steniel com ph> wrote:
I don't know if this was discussed already, I understand that the developers are busy, and so we "users" are also busy.  But I will try to voice my concern over the APPLICATION menu(or whatever it is).
With the current build, the icon-based APPLICATION is pretty useless to me. Unless you are familiar with the image/icon (of your app) and can memorize the "keyword" of what application (using search) it becomes more difficult to find the app especially when you have tons of applications buried inside.

So, I had made a similar complaint before.  But I found that this set up is no worse or better than the previous panel menu setup.  Mostly because to do this day I'm never quite sure when I apt-get an app where it is going to show up in the menu.  So I still hunt for applications in the menu system when I add something new or not used something in a long time.  On the other hand, when I am searching for an app that I'm unfamiliar with I use either the keyboard shortcut or I roll over the icons.  I don't think that's any worse than what we have.


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