Re: Favourite applications well debugging question.

Hi Lex,

> Currently only a small applications can be successfully dragged to the
> favourites well.
> Is this a known limitation?
> e.g. I successfully dragged google-chrome and gnome-terminal to
> favourites well. I can't drag konsole, dolphin, thunar, etc.

Can't second this. Every application dropped to the favourites
location gets "sticky". I have one problem though: I can't find a way
to remove a favourite application. Dragging them away to blank space
does not work, right clicking does not offer any context menu. Am I
missing anything obvious?

> If not, what info can I provide to help debug the problem.

Did you d&d from the applications menu or from the search results? For
the latter I haven't found any solution at all, to create favourite
applications from search results (this might not have been implemented

Best regards


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