Re: New mockups for shell - round 2

On Wed, 2009-05-13 at 16:21 -0400, Jeremy Perry wrote:
> Thanks Marina, Jon and  the rest of the desktop team for your  
> thoughtful feedback on the previous mockups. I've finally posted some  
> new stuff based on this, hope you enjoy.
> The earlier iteration is linked at the top of that page as well.
> - Jeremy

Wow, those mockups are absolutely fantastic!

Random few cents-worth from me:
      * This could do with a solid way for items in the overlay to
        demand attention. For example, if a new device is attached or a
        file downloaded (thus adding to the Downloads place) it would
        make sense for that item to be highlighted (and to look pretty
        in the process).
      * I love the "Get more games" idea. Having GNOME closer to package
        management is a wonderful thing. How about throwing menu editing
        in there, too? Maybe a "remove reference" and "uninstall
        application" button could be added to the the Info view for an
      * I love the file browsing stuff, but this is starting to tread
        into existing file manager territory. That could lead to some
        ugly things appearing if it isn't thought through completely.
        Now don't get me wrong, I like having file management in this
        view since it makes matters more streamlined and more organized
        (and the mockup at least looks awesome). It definitely needs to
        be consistently functional; not a special case for Recent
        Documents, but happening for any directory opened from the
        overlay, including Places and Devices. There needs to be a way
        to detach gnome-shell's built in file browser into a specific
        workspace as its own window.
      * With the Details view in mind, I now really hope that Nautilus
        does not make it through 3.0 without some serious revision. The
        two need to blend together nicely and share components until
        they are inseparable or you'll end up with some horrifying

Slightly less important: Save to Places in the search results view feels
to me like "Save selected file to Places," which it of course is not.


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