Re: GNOME Shell and GNOME-2.28

On Mon, 2009-05-11 at 17:54 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> Performance: gnome-shell needs to perform well enough that it
>   will be usable for a wide range of people. Roughly speaking,
>   this means that it needs to be competitive with Compiz in
>   it's graphical demands and resource utilization.
>   This will require work with X to determine what cards and drivers
>   it can run on reasonably; to indentify bugs and performance
>   problems, and get them fixed.

it'd be great if gnome-shell could give feedback to the clutter team as
to where the performance issues of the shell are blocking on clutter
itself. in the coming weeks, pre and post 1.0.0, the clutter team will
work on stabilization and performance improvements. we've been profiling
and instrumenting most of the stack but obviously real world use cases
are the best platform for finding out eventual bottlenecks.

> Accessibility: Full accessibility support is *not* a goal for
>   the 2.28 version of gnome-shell, however, we need to make sure 
>   that things are on track to get it there for 2.30/3.0. This
>   will require review of accessibility support being developed
>   for Clutter.

this is currently being worked on by the fine people at Igalia:

a talk on the subject has been proposed (and accepted) for this year's
GUADEC. we're willing to host that project on to
allow easier integration with core and the rest of clutter's integration


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