Re: Metacity, Mutter, GNOME Shell, GNOME-2.28

On Mon, 2009-03-30 at 08:58 +0100, Tomas Frydrych wrote:
> >  - If we import Mutter as it exists now, do we import it literally,
> >    or do we convert Metacity using the git => svn import scripts,
> >    then rebase Mutter on top of that. I think the quality of the
> >    latter is considerably better and would recommend that. (And
> >    do we want historical maintenance branches of Metacity in the
> >    Mutter repository? I think not.)
> Inclined to agree, the rebase would be cleaner; the branches can go, as
> far as I am concerned. Not too thrilled about the prospect of moving
> back to svn though :( .

That is one thing not to worry about; all of GNOME is moving to Git in
two weeks. And if we go with Mutter as a new module separate from
Metacity, we can do that in at any time.

- Owen

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