Re: Metacity, Mutter, GNOME Shell, GNOME-2.28


> To try and make GNOME Shell integrate with multiple window managers
> would either greatly constrain the user interface vision or greatly
> increase the amount of work involved. The power of the GNOME shell
> approach is that we are working within the desktop scene graph of the
> window manager/compositor.
> Using Compiz to create a GNOME desktop using GNOME applications, the
> GNOME control-center, and so forth will of course remain possible. We
> have no current plans to create hard dependencies on GNOME Shell within
> the GNOME desktop (just as there are no hard dependencies on gnome-panel
> now.)

I think we kind of loose the direction of this discussion here. IMHO,
users don't care about window managers at all (have you ever asked a
Windows/Mac user about a window manager?).

My point is that it should be possible to use mutter without gnome-shell
because there might be use-cases where the gnome-shell model does not
fit. The other way round is not very interesting because gnome-shell
tries to create a new user model for the whole desktop which of course
includes lots of stuff that were historically tied to window management.

If someone wants to implement a window manager compatible with mutter
that gnome-shell can use - that's ok, but it shouldn't be something
GNOME Shell development should care about in the first place.


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