Re: Strange oddities in rendering of gnome-shell

Hi Collin,

> > I recenty updated the gnome-shell and having some flaws in graphical
> > presentation. The icons in system-tray are first rendered correctly, but
> > after a few seconds all icons get duplicated by the .face-icon. Further
> > all fonts are poorly rendered.
> Revert the most recent clutter commit locally:
> cd /path/to/clutter
> git reset --hard HEAD^

I've tried the above with the following steps

cd ~/gnome-shell/source/clutter
git reset --hard HEAD^
  (git returns: 'HEAD is now at 211bf79 ensure next iteration')
sudo make install

cd ~/gnome-shell/source/gnome-shell/src
./gnome-shell --replace

it did not work though. Is there something I'm missing? Is 211bf79 the
right revision?

Thanks alot,

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