Re: Global menubar (was Re: #4 on ToDo list: make the top panel prettier)

On Mon, 2009-01-26 at 20:03 -0800, Brian Fleeger wrote:

> Solution: 
> I recommend using a text-based Global Menu system for the near future.
> It will be more user friendly on the smaller computer screens that are
> becoming more prevalent, and will also give more room for content.  A
> text based Global Menu system is also cost-efficient, as a relatively
> small number of man-hours could port the existing menu system from the
> in-window model used today up to the top panel.  Program behavior need
> not copy Apple’s OSX, and plug-ins and patches such as “window-picker”
> could be used to obviate the need of a “dock”. 

You seem to assume click-to-focus.
How would you deal with focus-follows mouse?

Thorsten Wilms

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