GtkWidget in the Top Panel

Hi all,

As I introduced in the previous message, I am trying to incorporate the
Global Menu widget into gnome-shell, so far, I am able to

1. with jhbuild, properly install the GIR for libgnomenu, which has
Gnomenu.GlobalMenu (a Gtk Widget) that represents the menu bar of any
given window
2. write a mockup js program to load the widget in a GtkWindow, and
connect signals to Wnck.Screen.active_window_changed. the ownership tags
for wnck are buggy, but the mockup worked for a while before it crashes
with memory corruption.

However when I dig into the code of Gnome-Shell, I discovered the naive
way of integration doesn't work, because 

(1) gnome-shell's top panel is a Clutter Surface(or other equiv name),
and there is no easy way to put a GtkWidget into a Clutter surface. (I
believe this is also part of the reasons why GnomeShell announced
without the applet support) One year ago someone(Owen?) has an article
about from Gtk to Clutter, but are there any followup work afterwards?

(2) gnome-shell is a plugin to metacity-clutter, but MutterPlugin
doesn't emit a active-window-changed signal.

I will appreciate your help. 

The attachment is the jhbuild module set file I am using. 
It adds a 'svn' module for global menu libraries(googlecode svn layout
is incompatible with current jhbuild syntax); 
in order to properly build global menu, gtk+ is added;
in order to avoid the librsvg fatal, that library is also added.

To build gnome-shell I followed the intro at Gnome Live.


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