Re: shell on small (netbook) screens

On Sat, 2009-12-05 at 18:48 +0000, Alex Anthony wrote:
> Before I start, can I say very well done. I'm using shell full time at
> the moment and its definitely going in the right direction.
> I'm running it on a netbook with a 8.9 inch screen and theres a couple
> of places where shell could be better for this screen size:
> The panel and activities overlay should follow gnome font sizes. I have
> them set quite small (8 points) and it would be nice if everything would
> follow this so that I'd have that little bit of extra space.
> There's a little patch below the recent documents in the activities menu
> that is always blank (see
> This seems
> strange and when I have more than 4 apps running or favourited, I only
> see my most recent 4 documents. Not very useful. I know I can show more,
> but this adds a click.
> Couple of points less specific to small screens.  Are there going to be
> more mouseover highlights added? such as to the Activities button or the
> + workspace button? I notice that it has been added to activities
> buttons since shell 2.28.
> Also, adding gnome-do style relevancy to the activities search would be
> great. At the moment, if I type system monitor, I have to click
> preferences (on Ubuntu) and its still the 7th option.
> Alex
I should really look on bugzilla before emailing. It seems the last 2
are already reported and under discussion.


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