Re: Nautilus vs gnome-shell and the future


On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 10:08 AM, Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> wrote:
> This leads to two initial conclusions from my side. First of all we
> should disable the drawing of the desktop by default. Second we should
> default to browser mode.
Makes sense.

> I'd like to add some way to put files (file references really)
> somewhere in the shell UI. Maybe just drag them to the side to make a
> pile or a drawer. That way you could temporary put the files you're
> working there and work on them easily from multiple apps.
Like a shelf area?  Would it show up in the activities overview too?

> Another question is how we reformulate the UI for selecting spatial
> mode. Right now its a checkbox for enabling "Always open in browser
> windows", and rather than just having this True by default i'd like to
> somehow have a checkbox to enable spatial mode. I just can't think of
> a good way to describe spatial mode in the UI. Does anyone have an idea?
Maybe if the shell is running it should just go into "shell" mode, and
otherwise keep the current ui?
Do you think nautilus should be able to go to spatial mode / manage
the desktop with the shell running?

> With nautilus not handling the desktop there really is no reason to
> run all of nautilus all the time. Its currently needed for the
> automount handling, and its possible to turn on daemon mode so it can
> do this even if the desktop is not visible. However, this seems a bit
> unnecessary, so we should try to factor out the automount stuff to a
> separate binary.
Hmm, it automounts volumes... maybe we could call it something like:



Actually, there's a bug open about doing it as a gnome-settings-daemon plugin:


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