Re: First reactions

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 2:16 AM, Mike Bursell <mike hingston demon co uk> wrote:
> 1) there's no way to launch often-used apps.  It doesn't much bother me
> whether this is being able to add launchers to the panel, or for the
> "Activities" menu to remember my frequently-used apps so that I can
> easily click on them (or another method), but at the moment, this is
> significantly slowing down how I work on my computer (or feels like it
> is), and that's a pain.  t could just be a hack for now (like the
> taskbar at the bottom), but I'd like to see something.  I'm trying to
> use gnome-shell exclusively, and it currently hurts...

Right, this is a pretty high priority.  We don't have a final design
yet, but we want to make use of the data from which applications are
frequently in the foreground, as well as things such as importing the
launchers from previous panel configurations.

> 2) I know this is very much work in progress, but it would be good to
> have a way to find a list of all the apps I've currently got running as
> windows (a global taskbar of some type), and to be able to jump to them
> without having to cycle through all the workspaces.

Perhaps the taskbar could still appear in the overlay, but in that
mode showing all workspaces?

> (Please do let me know if this sort of feedback is useful...)

It is, thanks!

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