Re: Gnome Research - Sociological Survey Published

2009/4/21 Anton Kerezov <ankere gmail com>:
> I think that you might be interesting in participation of this survey. More
> info about it you can find here:

Are you the creator of this survey? If yes, then I've got some
problems with it...

"What do you use to operate the devices inside Gnome?"
There's no option for applications from repos, but not "integrated".
For example I don't consider f-spot to be an "integrated" app, but it
sure isn't provided by the manufacturer.

"How do you switch between the opened windows?"
I guess I should mark "other", but it doesn't really include my answer
- mouse-over focus + placing windows on workspaces in such way that *I
do not* have to "switch" at all.

"Do you find what are you searching for in the filesystem tree?" (nautilus)
There's no option for: I don't use nautilus at all. If I have to move
some stuff around / preview something, I just use the terminal.

"Would you like to have a search for menuitems integrated in each program?"
I'm very very confused here. It's hard to tell if I've never seen any
proposed solution / mockup / ...

Hope that helps in some way...


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