Re: Applets? [was Re: Planning for GNOME 3.0]

2009/4/20 Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com>:
> The last thing I'll mention here is that I don't think we should be
> overly concerned with porting and applet parity. If there was no system
> monitor applet in GNOME 3.0, life would go on. What we should be
> concerned about is creating the ecosystem where it's easy and fun to do
> interesting things. And when we do there will inevitably be 23 competing
> system monitor applets whether we like it or not.

I like gnome-system-monitor a lot. It is on all gnome installations I
use and it is the first thing I customize when installing a new
computer. It's the best applet there is and if you disagree it's
because you haven't given it a chance. :) It is the perfect tool for
quickly detecting abnormal memory usage and monitoring cpu intensive
batch jobs (such as compiles). Life does not go on and no
gnome-system-monitor equivalent in 3.0 is deal breaker for me,

It is also the only system monitor applet, so why would 23 new ones
pop up with the new system?  Why wouldn't it be possible to port the
good applets we have to 3.0? A lot of work has gone into them and just
throwing them away seems wasteful to me.

mvh Björn

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