Re: Breadcrumbs in the panel

What if each breadcrumb item became a menu when clicked, so that you could browse between similar items on the same hierarchy?

Forgive the Ascii art:

The item with the box around it is meant to be the clicked breadcrumb button.  When the workspace/activity button is clicked, the other available workspaces/activities descend in menu form and can be selected. The same would be true with the window button.

| Workspace 1| > MyPicture.jpg (EOG)
  Workspace 2
  Workspace 3
  Workspace 4

 Workspace 1 > | MyPicture.jpg (EOG)|
                 SunPicture.jpg (EOG)
                 SunPicture2.jpg (EOG)
                 RainPicture.jpg (Gimp)
                 CloudPicture.jpg (EOG)
                 DescribeMyPictures.doc (Abiword)

This method would provide a way for the user to see which workspace is currently being viewed and which window (with associated application) currently has focus.  This method would also provide an alternative way to move between workspaces and windows.  An advantage of this design over a taskbar is that this design would not use much horizontal space on the since panel or force the user to take up valuable screen real estate with two panels.  The downside is that to change windows, the user would have to make a minimum of 2 clicks, rather than 1 click common on a task bar, to focus on a new open window.

It would be nice for the breadcrumb buttons to have right-click menu items associated with it like new, rename, copy, delete, etc.

Anyway, my $0.02.

dissertus scribendo latine videri volo.

--- On Thu, 4/16/09, Sander Dijkhuis <sander dijkhuis gmail com> wrote:

> From: Sander Dijkhuis <sander dijkhuis gmail com>
> Subject: Breadcrumbs in the panel
> To: gnome-shell-list gnome org
> Date: Thursday, April 16, 2009, 5:10 PM
> Some days ago I posted a few design
> ideas to the wiki:
> They contain some concepts recently mentioned on this list,
> like
> having the workspace name in the panel, window switching
> using the
> panel and shading windows instead of minimizing them.
> On IRC, Marina suggested using the breadcrumbs on top for
> switching
> windows, and for requesting attention at another workspace
> or when
> another window is maximized. Owen mentioned that the
> designs might be
> too text-heavy, and for example 'Workspace 1' isn't
> recognizable if
> you don't see the name elsewhere.
> Further comments are appreciated! (Below the wiki page, in
> private
> mail or on this list.) If I still think it's a good idea by
> next week,
> I'll try to implement it in a separate branch.
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