Re: a list!!?!

On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 4:35 PM, Brian Fleeger <brianfleeger yahoo com> wrote:
> I remember in the early days of tabbed browsing, a lot
> of people (including me, until I'd used them) thought tabs were
> superfluous.  In fact, the early implementations by Netscape really were
> pretty non-intuitive.  But now, because of better UI design like in Firefox
> and Chrome, most people loves tabs, even grandmothers.  I believe the giant
> Plus sign in the Gnome-shell will encourage people to treat desktops more
> like disposable tabs, and that if done well it may not be at all confusing
> to people.  My feeling is, the benefit lies in users being able to spatially
> parse out their workflows more freely.

I like the comparison workspaces/tabs.
Perhaps a workspace-bar instead of a task-bar in the top panel that
looked like tabs would make that easier to comprehend.  However..
perhaps that would conflict with the overlay mode.

Another thing that could be useful is to have a shortcut in the same
spirit as Alt-TAB but that was able to switch workspaces, in a
LastRecentlyUsed order, instead of the current spatial and directional
switch commands that Metacity has. This shortcut could be something
like Win-TAB, to make it easy for the people accustomed to
alt-tabbing. I think that something like that would make task
management easier for people. The last version of Firefox also has a
control-tab shortcut for switching tabs in a similar way.


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